Install nixstatsagent manually


Nixstatsagent requires the following dependencies.

  • python 2.6 or 2.7
  • pip or easy_install
  • supervisor or a service script to run nixstatsagent on boot

First check which version of python is available on your system.

python -V
python2.7 -V

Now check if you have pip or easy_install available on your system.

pip -V
easy_install --version

pip is preferred above easy_install, you should only used easy_install if pip is not available or not working for you.

Install nixstatsagent by running

pip install nixstatsagent

or easy_install

easy_install nixstatsagent

Once the installation is completed we can download the default configuration file.

wget -O /etc/nixstats.ini

Now create a serverid so the server is registered at You can find your usertoken at

nixstatshello yourusertoken /etc/nixstats-token.ini

This command should return a serverid and store it in /etc/nixstats-token.ini

To test if the nixstatsagent is working we can just run the nixstatsagent command in the foreground. Wait a couple of minutes for the agent to start sending data to our API data to be updated on your dashboard.

Run nixstatsagent as a service

There are two ways to run nixstatsagent as a service, you can create a service script or use a program like supervisord.


Follow the instruction here to install supervisor. After installing supervisor several service script are available here on github.

Add the following at the end of /etc/supervisor.conf file.

You can find the path to nixstatsagent by running which nixstatsagent


Run the following commands to update supervisor with the changes.

supervisorctl reread
supervisorctl update

You can now start/stop/restart the service with the supervisorctl command.

supervisorctl stop nixstats
supervisorctl start nixstats
supervisorctl restart nixstats