Upgrading from cron/bash style agent

Upgrading from the cron/bash agent

The following steps are necessary if you want to keep the old monitoring data from your servers. If you don't mind starting with a fresh set of data you can go ahead and uninstall the old agent and install the new one.

The installation code is listed on the servers page.

Cron/Bash monitoring agent

Once you've ran the nixstatsagent will read your old configuration file and use them in the new agent.

Your server should now run the latest version of the nixstatsagent. You can check if the agent is running by entering:

service nixstatsagent service

Now you can remove the old agent with the following commands.

crontab -u nixstats -l | grep -v 'nixstats'  | crontab -u nixstats -
rm -rf /etc/nixstats/
rm -rf /opt/nixstats/ 

If you're still having trouble feel free to use the live chat on the dashboard, or e-mail me at vincent@nixstats.com